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Pricing For New Websites and Hosting

What's Included with Your New Website See the Pricing Table for various options and what is included with each option. All of these prices assume you are going design and administer your website yourself. I'll set you up with the basic foundation and you will need...

Website Instructions

Information About Your New Website The purpose of this post is to bring together the basics of what you need to know to work with your website. If you do what is written here you will be up and going in no time with a solid foundation. Your User name, login and...


What People are Saying About Puzzle Piece Websites Here are comments about some of the websites I've done. Click on their photo or title to link to their websites.   Cathy Olsen - Plymouth, Minnesota Oh Kirk... My Website is so beautiful! I feel like you captured...

Necessary Keys to Ascension

Shift to an Infinite Perspective Ascension requires you to start operating from the premise that physical reality is a reflection that is inside of you and not outside of you. You have to expand the concept of “you” to being an infinite being rather than a human body....


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